We Love Aunt Paige!

A few tidbits about Paige:

- From Houston, Currently in Dallas
- 3rd Grade Teacher
- Baylor University Graduate x2 (undergrad and masters)
- Lover of Coffee
- Hater of Chocolate, I know, I know....awful, isn't it?
- World Traveler 
- Loves to dance (if you can two step then you get bonus points) ;-) 

I've written about Paige before and this post {HERE} can tell you more about my best friend Paige. 

We met in college (at Baylor, Sic'em Bears!) and were fast friends. Even moving halfway across the country didn't keep us from staying friends. Heck, the woman DROVE WITH ME halfway across the country when I was 8 months pregnant! Best friends for sure. And she's the best Aunt. Ever. :-)

Although I like to say Paige is MY best friend, I'm pretty sure Emma Claire thinks Paige is HER best friend. In fact during her last visit Emma Claire kept saying "Aunt Paige best frand" over and over. It was so cute.

 So there you have it! If anyone knows a swell guy out there...preferably athletic, who speaks with a country twang, and can two step then give me a holler!


Emily Powell said...

Ok, so my brother is 29 from Houston, currently lives in DFW but moving back to Houston in a few months...loves to dance as well :)

Emily Powell said...

oh, and he plays rugby, mountain bikes, and he's athletic!

Beth Ann said...

I think these two sound like a good match!!! ^

Gail@Sophisticated Steps said...

Did she know you were doing this for her? Too cute.

cait said...

love this!! what a sweet friend and aunt! what a blessing for you and EC to have her!


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